Roof Lichen Cleaning

Roof Lichen Cleaning

Are you looking for a lichen removal company in the UK?

Lichen is a simple slow-growing plant that typically forms a low crusty, leaf like, or branching growth on rocks, walls, and trees. You may notice it growing on your roof or concrete. Frequently, lichens are usually a whitish color but are also appear in tones of yellow and greens even black spots.

For all roof lichen cleaning or removal requirements in the UK please get in touch. If you would like to know more about our roof algae and dirt cleaning services please feel free to contact us. All of our services are tried, tested, and professionally proven through 2 years of experience and many happy & satisfied customers. We aim to be the company of choice for domestic and commercial work in the UK.

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Roof Lichen Removal

Roof Lichen Cleaning

Why choose us?

1. Quality workmanship
2. Best prices (at least 20% cheaper than any other company in the UK)
3. Free quotations
4. Reliable and courteous roof lichen cleaners’ team
5. Expert advice and guidance

Add value to your property by getting our lichen cleaning services!


A dirty lichen-covered roof aesthetically will have a detrimental effect on the value of your residential or commercial property. In addition, many surveyors are recommending that the roof lichen is removed. What is more, this often results in a higher price being obtained. Therefore it makes sense financially to have this cleaning service carried out before you sell.

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